Wolff Tanning Beds Financing Allows You To Buy It Now!

You might be a salon owner looking to invest in a new tanning bed. Or, you might be a retail consumer looking to fulfill a lifetime fantasy of having the luxury of a professional tanning bed right in your own home. The one thing both have in common is that they can benefit from Wolff tanning beds financing allowing for the purchase of a quality tanning bed without depleting the bank balance.

There are myriad types of tanning beds and booths now available on the market. Among the sea of newer, relatively untested, models there exists durable proven quantities like Wolff beds. Around a half a century ago, scientist Friedrich Wolff was a pioneer in the discovery and application of UV ray technology. His groundbreaking research led directly to today’s most requested brand.

Once you have made the decision to invest in a Wolff bed there are then options regarding payment. Of course, it is possible to purchase your bed paying cash, or to use a relatively high interest rate credit card. However, as with the purchase of other large ticket items such as a vehicle, many desire to purchase beds via financing offered by the seller.

There are two main financing options when it comes to the purchase of a Wolff bed. The first would be to enter into a lease. Equipment leases can be quite complex and the analysis of whether they are a best deal for your business is often best left to your accountant or other financial professional. Special lease rates can be less expensive than equivalent financed purchase options, however they can have repercussions regarding your business credit rating.

The second option is to purchase your Wolff bed with a loan from the seller to finance it. The difference between these options is in many respects similar to that between buying or leasing a car. It is usually possible to find financing deals offered by major sellers of Wolff beds. Many times you can find 0% financing rates available.

This avenue is obviously the most advantageous to your business. You can invest in the infrastructure of your salon without cutting into your cash flow. And you can accomplish this without incurring any additional interest expense. Again, the devil can be in the details so it is advisable to consult with your accountant or other financial professional before entering into any contract.

If you are in the process of opening a new salon you should be especially careful when deciding upon financing options for your equipment. Long term leases can be risky in the event your revenue projections prove to fall short of the mark. Credit with attractive rates could be difficult to obtain without an established credit rating. In this instance, you should research and explore options which yield the shortest commitment allowing you to gauge your customer demand prior to entering into long term contracts.

Business equipment procurement is never simple. Many variations of financing can be considered. Wolff tanning beds financing provides options to both new salon owners as well as proprietors of established institutions. With Wolff you are able to invest in one of the most respected beds in the industry while also addressing the financing needs of your business.

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