3 HARD Truths About Article Marketing That Just Might Turn You Off It

When it comes to generating leads online you need to choose a marketing strategy in order to drive traffic to your capture pages.

If you’ve done any research into online marketing strategies I’m sure you would have come across article marketing.

Well before you decide to try your hand at this marketing strategy I want to reveal the HARD truth so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

3 Hard Truths About Article Marketing That Just Might Turn You Off It

1 – No Leads Overnight

When it comes to article marketing the reality is that it takes time to see results, you need to be consistent with writing articles on a daily basis or every other day at least.

You need to think of your articles like little fish hooks that you set out in “Internet Land” just waiting to capture your target fish (Leads).

The more hooks you set out (Articles You Write) the more opportunities you have of capturing your desired amount of fish (Leads).

2 – You Need to Work

Article marketing is definitely a marketing strategy that puts the work back into “Work From Home” because like I said, you need to consistently be writing articles in order to set your hooks.

But before you even start writing your articles you need to define your target market, so you need to do some keyword research to see what people are searching for that way you can tailor your articles to your prospects specific needs.

This is where you can incorporate some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and get your articles ranked on the first page of the search engines that way when your target market is doing some research on the internet your articles will pop up in front of them (In A Perfect World).

Again this all takes work so if you decide to use article marketing as one of your marketing strategies just realize that you need to get busy.

3 – Need to Mix Creative Writing with Copy Writing

Needless to say when you’re writing articles specifically for marketing purposes you need to be creative with your writing and always have an end goal in mind.

So if your end goal was to have your reader get to the end of your article and click the link in the resource box to go through to your capture page, then you need to write an entertaining enough article for your reader to read it to the end all the while enticing them to click the link to your capture page.

Article marketing requires a blend of creativity and copywriting for it to be an effective marketing strategy for you.

There you have it, three hard truths about article marketing that just might scare the majority of you away from actually implementing article marketing into your business.

For those if you who are up for a challenge and don’t mind working for a result then a good article marketing campaign will reward you beyond measure.

Because once you have done the consistent work and set your hooks out into the “Internet Land” targeting your specific market you have the ability to generate FREE leads all day long whether you do any marketing for that day, week or even month.

Writing articles will allow you to have pure leverage in your business because it creates residual traffic, leads, and with the right sales funnel residual income.

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